Welding, Grinding, & Finishing

We have a highly trained staff of certified welders proficient in MIG and TIG for all types of stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel, as well as brazing. Our team of spot welders have the ability to produce high quality, blemish-free spot welds.
Through our finishing process, we routinely produce high quality polished stainless steel or steel and aluminum components from flat deburred parts to complex welded cabinets and assemblies. Finishes include powder coat, liquid paint, anodizing, plating, ecoating and silkscreening.

Our equipment includes:

  • 9 welding stations capable of MIG & TIG
  • 5 Spot Welders – 2 with the capacity to spot weld aluminum up to 1/8” thick

Our certifications include:

  • AWS
  • D1.1
  • D1.2
  • D1.3
  • D1.6

Innovative Sheet Metal from Concept to Fabrication