Highlighting our sheet metal processing capabilities are our CNC laser cutters, which produce high-accuracy, detailed parts with little to no dross, saving time on secondary operations. Using three Trumpf CNC punch presses, two of which have a 5 foot by 10 foot range without repositioning, we have a large capacity and the ability to form extrusions, dimples, louvers, snap locks, countersinks, and knockouts. Our two Trumpf Trulaser 2030s further enhances our capabilities by offering fully automated processing and material handling with a 5 ft by 10 ft range.

With an extremely focused light beam, lasers can cut within thousandths of an inch with virtually no taper or heat-affected zones. Lasers also have the ability to etch detailed sketches or labels on the surface of parts.

Our cutting equipment includes:

  • 2 Trumpf TruLasers
    • 1 Trumpf TruLaser Fiber 2030
    • 1 Trumpf TruLaser CO2 2030
  • 3 Trumpf CNC Punch Presses – 200, 500, 5000

Innovative Sheet Metal from Concept to Fabrication