Two Decades of Proven, Time-Tested Experience, Geared for Demands of the Industry

We have been supporting the Mass Transit Industry for 20 years with several, major mass-transit manufacturers providing expertise and an exceptional workforce.

Skills and Knowledge to Move You Forward

  • Workflow management for large numbers of small-quantity, weekly releases
  • Ability to react quickly and easily to schedule changes
  • Systems specifically designed to provide very high OTD and very low defect rate
  • Rapid prototypes and first articles
  • Ability to work with engineering to help solve problems and reduce cost
  • Changes and emergencies are part of the relationship

Rail Industry

We've been providing 12 years of fabrication solutions for the Rail Industry. Our facility occupies 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space, operates on two shifts, and uses state of the art Trumpf machinery, including Laser technology.

We are a Tier One and Tier Two Supplier.

Metal Solutions Inc.: A New York State Women's Business Enterprise (NYSWBE)

Fabricated Parts for the Rail Industry

  • A/C Systems
    • Parts and Sub Assemblies
    • Complete Welded Chassis
    • Flex Ducts
    • Heat Ducts 
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Power/Transformer Frame Components
  • Door Post Assembly
  • Buss Bars

Bus Industry

We have served the Bus Industry with 20 years' experience, forging close, trusted relationships with our customers.

  • We are a Tier One Supplier to two major bus manufacturers and a Tier Two Supplier to eight other subcomponent manufacturers
  • Spare parts supplier to OEM
  • Produced over 2000 unique parts and assemblies for one major bus manufacturer

Fabricated Parts for the Bus Industry

Engine Compartment

  • Insulated Engine Hatches
  • Surge Tanks/Surge Tank Assemblies
  • Belt Guards
  • Radiator Screen Frames
  • Mounting Brackets


  • Hinged Access Doors
  • Door Moldings
  • Bumper Brackets
  • Headlight Brackets
  • Mirror Brackets

Driver's Compartment

  • Dashboard
  • Dash Doors
  • Instrument Panels
  • A/C Booster Blower Assembly
  • Draft Shield Door
  • Fare Box Mount
  • Destination Sign Door
  • Sun Visor Brackets


  • Mechanical Box Doors
  • Electrical Compartments/Panels/Buss Bars
  • Door Spindle Covers
  • Speaker Mounting Boxes
  • Q-Straint Boxes
  • Heat Ducts
  • Step-Well Defroster Ducts
  • Trash Guards
  • Lighting Adaptor Panels

Battery Compartment

  • Trays and Brackets

A/C System

  • Booster Blower Assemblies
  • Flex Ducts
  • Fittings and Transitions

Metal Solutions Inc.: A New York State Women's Business Enterprise (NYSWBE)