Case Studies

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Why Choose Metal Solutions? Metal Solutions offers a customer-oriented business philosophy, staff experience and expertise, owner involvement, and state-of-the-art metal fabricating equipment and processes.

Benefits of working with Metal Solutions Quality parts consistently delivered on time and at a competitive price. In time-critical situations, Metal Solutions demonstrates a willingness to expedite delivery to meet customer needs. Metal Solutions has brought forward ideas to reduce our part cost and/or improve quality. Additionally, Metal Solutions offers value added assembly services to reduce handling, reduce assembly cost, and/or improve our production throughput. 

Expectations? How did Metal Solutions exceed them? We expected quality parts, on-time delivery, and competitive prices. Metal Solutions exceeded our expectations with a demonstrated interest in our success and an understanding of the role they play in it.

What sets Metal Solutions apart? Metal Solutions goes beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship and has established a mutually beneficial relationship with our company and has earned the respect and confidence of our staff.

Gary Brockett
Cold Point Corporation


Why Choose Metal Solutions? We were using a local metal shop but wanted to take our products to the next level. In order to do this, we needed a vendor with superior creativity and production capabilities. While we were impressed with their equipment and abilities, we were even more impressed by their creative drive and their desire to understand and meet our needs.

Benefits of working with Metal Solutions Once we started working with Metal Solutions, Inc., the combination of good communication, dependable deliveries, and creative solutions led to better products and happier customers.

Expectations? How did Metal Solutions exceed them? Our expectation was to receive accurately made, high-quality parts and to be able to repeat the experience consistently. Those expectations were met. What we did not expect was to gain a partner whose concern for our outcomes would help facilitate the improvement of our product line.

What sets Metal Solutions apart? Our previous vendor was just a supplier of parts. Metal Solutions, Inc. has taken a great interest in our end products and made creative suggestions to help us improve how we build them.

Bill Palmer
AeroMed Inc.